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  • Measurements on building elements and measuring in the laboratory
    for concrete inspection and concrete repair work
    as the basis for expert reports or for assessment of durability and for on-site control, etc.
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    • New buildings
      • Planning and control of concrete technology
        • Proposals to grade of concrete, type of form work and concrete release agents
      • Inspection of
        • concrete source material
        • fresh concrete for form-vibrated concrete
        • properties of fresh concrete for self-compressing and easy-to-use concrete
      • Inspection of the properties of solid concrete
        • concrete compressive strength
        • crack resistance
        • water impermeability
      • Inspection of form work and form lining
    • Assessment of concrete surfaces
      • Exposed concrete
      • Surface treatment: surface protection systems, graffiti protection, etc.
    • Concrete repair
      • Planning
        • Suitability for professional repair
        • Type and extent of repair, etc.
      • Inspection
        • compressive strength
        • concrete cover
        • carbonisation
        • chloride content