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Main Focus

  • Concrete technology consulting and control
    for parts of a water-impermeable concrete structure:
    swimming pools, filter tanks, sump shafts, etc.
    • Tender (work phase (LP) 6, HOAI), participation in award of contract (LP 7, HOAI), building surveillance (LP 8, HOAI), scientific management (LP 9, HOAI) for concrete, reinforced concrete, prestressed concrete and for concrete repair and cosmetic concrete
    • Consultation on solutions for concrete technology task definition, e.g.:
      • for water-impermeable concrete
      • for exposed concrete
      • for concrete repair and cosmetic concrete
    • On-site consultation during planning and tender of concrete constructions for error prevention and on the basis of considerations of economic efficiency

    • Concrete inspection, surveillance and control
    • Seminars on current topics, for example:
      • standards, e,g, DIN 1045, parts 1-4
      • new directives of DAfStb
      • BMV regulations: ZTV-lng, ZTV-W
      • Individual topical requests
    • Consultation and support for the purge of concrete surfaces